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Marriage and Family Therapy Advisory Committee (MFTAC)


"The legislature does further hereby find and declare that marriage and family therapy in this state is a professional practice which affects the public safety and welfare of the citizens of the state and requires appropriate regulation and control in the public interest. It is a purpose of this Chapter to establish a regulatory structure and procedures that will ensure that the public is protected from the unprofessional, improper, unauthorized, and unqualified practice of marriage and family therapy" (R.S. 37:1102).


“The Marriage and Family Therapy Advisory Committee was created and empowered by Act 1195 of the 2001 Legislature to provide for the regulation of the use of the title "licensed marriage and family therapist" (R.S. 37:1101-1122). Therefore, the Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners, hereafter referred to as the board, establishes the Marriage and Family Therapy Advisory Committee as directed by the 2001 Legislature. Act 484 of the 2014 Legislative Session empowered the board to provide regulation of the practice and use of the titles “provisional licensed professional counselor” and “provisional licensed marriage and family therapist”. The Marriage and Family Therapy Advisory Committee shall develop the rules and regulations herein pursuant to the authority granted to, and imposed upon, said advisory committee under the provisions of the Louisiana Revised Statutes, title 37, chapter 13, §1101-1123. The Health and Welfare Committees in the House and Senate shall jointly approve these rules and regulations. The board shall promulgate these rules and regulations [R.S. 37: 1104(B)(2)(b)]. The board shall approve, revoke, suspend, and renew the license of applicants for licensure as licensed marriage and family therapists and the provisional license of applications for provisional licensure as provisional licensed marriage and family therapists upon recommendation of the Marriage and Family Therapy Advisory Committee [R.S. 37:1105(G)].

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