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Application Information

For instructions on how to complete the online application, click here

Board Meetings and Application Review Dates

Board Meetings are held every other month; however, application reviews are still conducted each month.  The deadline to have all application materials submitted is seven (7) days prior to the application review date.  For a complete list of application review dates and submission deadlines, view our calendar.

Expedited Processing

The Board offers expedited processing for all online applications.  To apply for expedited processing, the applicant must submit their completed online application along with the expedited processing fee of $60.  Upon receipt of the online expedited application, the applicant will receive a response from a Board Staff member within five (5) business days of receipt of their completed online application informing the applicant of the status of their application. 

All applicants whom Board Staff determines should be denied or reviewed by the Board, must be presented to the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.  Therefore, an intent to deny may not be achieved within five (5) business days of receipt of all application materials for expedited processing.  Those applicants whom Board Staff determines should be approved, will receive notification of approval within the five (5) business days. 

Military applicants and spouses will be endorsed if the requirements under Federal Statutes 50 USC 4025a are met. Please apply as an endorsement applicant and provide your military orders to credspec@lpcboard.org

Transcripts and Letters Verifying Graduate Practicum/Internship Hours

An official, degree awarded transcript is required for all initial applications. 

Institutions may send electronic transcripts directly to Shantel Washington at credspec@lpcboard.org.

PLPC and PLMFT applicants may also have the letter from their graduate program verifying the hours completed in their graduate practicum/internship, sent to the email provided above. 

State and Federal Background Check Forms

Instructions for Required Background Check

Authorization Form (upload with application)

Endorsement Applications/ Verification Forms

Applicants who are endorsing their license(s) from another jurisdiction to Louisiana, must complete the online application by endorsement for the current credential that is equivalent to the credential(s) held in the other jurisdiction(s).  LA LPCBE will need a verification of the credential from each licensing board the applicant holds/held a license with.   Below is the form the applicant may submit to their Board(s) to complete and return to the LA LPCBE office via mail or email directly to credspec@lpcboard.org.

If an examination was passed to obtain licensure, applicants must contact the examination agency to send LA LPCBE an official score report verifying the passing score.  It is also required that applicants request an official graduate transcript to be forwarded to the Board office.  Institutions may send an electronic transcript directly to credspec@lpcboard.org

Please be advised that the Board may request that an out-of-state applicant request their complete file from the state Board(s) where they are licensed be sent to the Board office. 

License Verification Form

All out of state applicants are required to complete a background check:

Instructions for background check

Authorization Form (upload with application)

Military Personnel/ Military Personnel Spouses

Veterans honorably discharged within five (5) years of the application date) and their spouses who are appropriately licensed in another jurisdiction will receive a status update from the Board within thirty (30) days pertaining to approval or denial of their application.  Such applicants must provide proof of military status via the DD Form 214 as part of the completed application. 

Active Military Personnel and Spouses will receive endorsement of the license if the requirements of the federal provisions of 50 USC 4025a for endorsement licensure are successfully documented. Please apply as an endorsement applicant and send your military orders to credspec@lpcboard.org .

Applicants with Criminal History

Pursuant to La. R.S. 37:35, applicants are advised that the Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners  may use the criminal convictions of applicants as a basis for denial of an application for licensure, as permitted by La. R.S. 37:1110, La. R.S. 37:1123, and LAC 46:LX §401-409, 1301, et seq., and 3901, et seq. In accordance with La. R.S. 37:2950, the Board shall consider the following factors in deciding whether to grant a license to an applicant with one or more criminal convictions: (1) the nature and seriousness of the offense(s); (2) the nature of the specific duties and responsibilities for which the license, permit, or certificate is required; (3) the amount of time that has passed since the conviction(s); (4) facts relevant to the circumstances of the offense(s), including any aggravating or mitigating circumstances or social conditions surrounding the commission of the offense(s); and (5) evidence of rehabilitation or treatment undertaken by the person since the conviction(s). Applicants for licensure shall have the right to petition for a pre-application eligibility determination pursuant to La. R.S. 37:33 prior to meeting the general qualifications for a license.

Applicants must meet the requirements and complete all the milestones for application in order for the Board to review the application. Milestones can be viewed by logging into the site and visiting your dashboard. Please allow 2-3 weeks for milestones to be updated and at least 6-8 weeks for application approval once the application is completed.